Discretionary asset management

At Createrra Finance, we put our expertise to work in order to provide you with high-value-added solutions for the long term. Security or performance? Preference for a medium- or a long-term investment?

The nature of your assets, their degree of complexity, your investment horizon, your sensitivity to risk, your tax situation, your legal situation, etc. are just some of the factors that will come into play when we shape the investment style for your portfolio.

We have three valuable qualities, which we harness to earn the trust of our clients:

  • the talent of our team of managers
  • our asset management expertise
  • our excellent command of the most advanced asset management techniques (sophisticated analysis, risk control and decision-making tools).

Our open architecture policy enables us to unearth the best outside experts in high-potential investment themes (artificial intelligence, robotics, leading biotechnology firms, emerging consumer trends, etc.).

An open and pragmatic approach

We follow a meticulous portfolio management procedure: macroeconomic analyses and scenarios, asset allocations specifically adapted to risk profiles, etc.

We select only the very best opportunities, regardless of asset class: equities, bonds, real estate, commodities, alternative investment funds, private equity, etc.

When selecting individual securities, we take particular care to ensure that they satisfy qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as: earnings growth, predictability of income, relevant and viable business model, attractive valuation, etc.

Monitoring and reporting: all clients receive a quarterly statutory report. Moreover, information on performance and on the breakdown of portfolios is provided upon request at any time.

We have a fast and flexible decision-making process.

Some of our strategies…

  • Stock picking
    The portfolios we manage are invested in varying proportions in individual equities, as agreed upon beforehand with the client. We rely on our own analyses and those of our network to select high-conviction stocks which hold promising prospects over the near, medium or long term, as the case may be.
  • Bonds
    At Createrra Finance, we pick the best external bond managers and/or a selection of individual positions, in accordance with the client’s wishes.
  • Selection of best-in-class equity funds
    We are always looking out for the best managers on the market. We choose them based on their track record, the consistency of the results they have achieved and whether or not their funds are of an adequate size.
  • Alternative funds and other investments (hedge funds, commodities, etc.)
    Depending on the client’s risk profile, we may allocate a small portion of our investments to alternative funds or commodity trackers in the interests of diversification and precise risk management.