Expertise and strategies

Our investment

We prioritise an open architecture approach in order to have access to the most extensive selection of investment vehicles and universes. We select investment products based on risk profile and very specific criteria: track record, fund size, risk/return ratio, liquidity, consistency of the manager, etc.

We specifically use our expertise to determine the real value of these products, their solvency and, of course, their potential. As part of an independent group, we are not subject to any outside influence, thus ensuring that we are completely impartial in our conviction-led approach.

Portfolios with a window on international markets

We take advantage of our internationally-renowned expertise to increase the diversity and value of our clients’ portfolios.

We have extensive scope with our asset allocation strategy in relation to the diversity of investment vehicles, themes, geographical coverage, sector coverage, etc.

Risk control

In order to control the exposure of portfolios to the various types of risk, we analyse all the macroeconomic parameters on a daily basis and monitor the financial markets at all times.

According to our expectations, where necessary, we can adapt portfolio asset allocations.

Our clients’ assets are held in accounts opened in their name with one or more leading banks. Our powers in respect of these accounts are strictly limited to the management of our clients’ portfolios. With the exception of management fees, any withdrawal from such accounts may only be initiated by the clients themselves.

Our open architecture policy enables us to unearth the best outside managers focused on high-potential themes (artificial intelligence, robotics, leading biotechnology firms, emerging consumer trends, etc.).

Discretionary asset management

At Createrra Finance, we put our expertise to work in order to provide you with high-value-added solutions for the long term. Security or performance? Preference for a medium- or a long-term investment?

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Our ‘execution only’ solution

At Createrra Finance, clients can avail of our ‘execution only’ solution. This will best suit clients who have made an informed decision to retain full control over investment decisions.

Family Office

The expertise that our team has forged in its relations with prestigious financial institutions gives us comprehensive insight into – and enables us to address – a wide array of issues for families and their assets.

Our solutions can cover all or specific aspects of these issues. The asset management and tax planning proposals we make to our clients are systematically endorsed by top market experts. Our solutions include:

  • multi-bank portfolio consolidation;
  • one-time analysis and advice for ‘external’ portfolios;
  • succession planning;
  • supervision and expansion of family assets;
  • organisation of philanthropic activities;
  • research, analysis and monitoring of private investments (private equity);
  • asset structuring.